Three Wishes with M.E. Purified

I first got to know M.E. back in April or May of 2012 (I don’t remember which) when he let Grace, the main character from Winging It!,  interview him. I’ve always felt this post was fun and funny to read, so if you haven’t seen it before, check it out.  Anyway…I thought it would be great to lend him Eugene to see what he would wish for and so I’m just going to turn it over to M.E.

I don’t believe in religion or the supernatural. So this three wishes and djinni thing could be a bunch of hoo ha. But yet I am a spiritualist (Buddhists) and feel that reincarnation is practical. And I do believe in ghosts. Yeah, I’m contradicting.

I am a writer, though. People pay to read me spout off about the truth in the form of lies and slight of hand. So for sake of argument I will believe in three wishes for this essay in hopes to reveal some truth.

Wow. Three? Really? Seems like such a horrible number. Yeah, you could pick one, even save it for a rainy day. But three? I have a hard enough time making a top five list of my favorite movies/books/songs. Also, at this time in my life, I feel so content. What could I ask for that I don’t already have? I have a great wife who I’ve been married to for over 10 years and with for 18 years. I have a seven-year-old son who’s smarter than the average bear and I have a newborn daughter who took six years to get into our lives. I’m not rich, but comfortably poor. I have a writing career that is starting to pick up. I have a good part-time job that I like going to. I’m not in debt and have my own home. I have the best cats as pets. I have all the books and movies and music I could want. And most importantly I have my depression under control so I can enjoy everything I just mentioned.

So what the freakin’ hell should I wish for?

Material objects are out. I’m just not into technology that I don’t need to get through life. Meaning, I have my laptop, television, blue ray player, etc. I don’t need a so-fast-you-will-miss-it in-a-blink cell phone or a television the size of an elephant or a car that vibrates my ass and plays satellite radio tuned in to the Tiny Tim channel. See what I mean?

Got the love of my life, etc, etc, etc.

Sure I could ask for money. It wouldn’t hurt to have some bank in case shit goes wrong. But…I would feel uncomfortable with that. Struggle shows a person’s true colors. And I like to be a rainbow when all is said and done.

So I will have to give my three wishes to the world.

1)   I wish there was no money in the world. People could just work at what they love and make things for others. No one would be denied anything to live comfortably.

2)   I wish there was no hate in people. Yes, this is hard. And in some way as each generation moves on past prejudices and discriminations hate will fade. I’m not saying they have to love everything. Just that if something is not their cup of tea then they just shrug their shoulders and say, “Okay,” and move on.

3)  You know what? The last two are major wishes. Maybe I will use the 3rd for myself. I wish to complete my collection of Black Lizard crime books from the 80s.

What do you say Eugene?

There are days I’d definitely like to return to the 80’s M.E., but I really love the fact that you’re content with your life!  And I like your wishes, too. Eugene’s always said the big ones like love and happiness are the hardest to grant, but I’m sure he’ll give it his best.

As for my wish today…I hope you’ll show M.E. some love and check out his newest release SURLY GIRLY (Miki Radicci Book 4)! Here’s all the on-line places you can find it (and him) hanging out.